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Risk Verify Database receives award for revolutionizing ACH payments

KENNESAW, GA, Aug 16, 2012

MicroBilt has made its mark on the first ever Innovator Awards presentation, gaining recognition for Risk Verify Database (rVd), an innovative and revolutionary change to the ACH processing market. received over 130 entrants from leaders in the payments industry such as PayPal, and narrowed the field to 19 finalists at the awards presentation on August 15th. Risk Verify was awarded the bronze honor in the “Most Invisible” category, recognizing the database’s enormous behind-the-scenes impact on ACH transactions. With rVd, MicroBilt aims to turn the online payment industry on its head, making ACH the most prevalent transaction method on the internet. The database is a third-party source of industry-wide ACH transaction history, combined with MicroBilt’s extensive consumer data. By matching MICR numbers to the account owner’s name, account history, and consumer credit profile, rVd eliminates fraud and mistakes to greatly reduce ACH transaction costs. “To this point, credit cards have dominated online payments for one simple reason,” says MicroBilt Director of Strategic Development Dave King. “A very accurate authorization system is in place to insure that a merchant or biller will be paid if the transaction is authorized, but this comes at a very high price. Risk Verify brings the same level of confidence to ACH, but at a much lower cost.” The award is an impressive achievement for Risk Verify Database, as its’ effect on the market is still in the early stages. As more ACH processors join the database, rVd’s fraud prevention standards continue to increase over time. “This is really only the tip of the iceberg,” says Senior Vice President of Business Development Arnold Feinberg. “Ultimately, rVd is a master plan to change the entire landscape of online payments. And that part is still to come.” About MicroBilt
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