Power your business with smarter,
data driven decisioning.

Combining traditional credit data sources with proprietary
alternative credit data to increase predictive accuracy.

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Proven and custom business decisioning models.

  • Determine the likelyhood of defaults using over 150 attributes, so you can manage your risk exposure.

  • Determine the likelyhood of collections on defaulting loans using over 130 attributes.

  • Create custom models tailored to your specific needs using our expertise and knowledge of alternative data.

Verified, accurate, data and decisioning from the provider.

The leader and influencer of the industry with thousands of reliably served customers offers you confidence that you’re working with great information that will impact your business.

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Real results with proven impact.

  • Short Term Lending

    Plus 23%

    Profitability Gain

  • Retail

    Minus 16%

    Default Reduction

  • Auto Financing

    Plus 23%

    Overall Lift

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