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Power Your Business with Smarter, Data-Driven Decisioning

Unlock the full potential of your business with MicroBilt's leading-edge analytics capabilities. Leverage the blend of traditional and proprietary alternative credit data for unparalleled predictive accuracy. Our proven business decisioning models and verified, accurate data ensure you're making decisions based on the most reliable information available.

Empower Your Business Decisions

  • Analyze.

    Dive deep into the data with MicroBilt's analytics. By combining traditional credit data with our unique alternative credit data, we offer a new level of predictive accuracy. Our analytics models, tested in the toughest business environments, provide real results with a proven impact. See your business thrive with a +23% profitability gain in short-term lending, a -16% default reduction in retail, and a +23% overall lift in auto financing.

  • Customize.

    Your business is unique, and your analytics model should be too. Unlike others, MicroBilt owns its data and builds its own systems, enabling us to tailor a model specifically for your industry and strategic needs. Incorporating your transactional information and additional data sources, we can help you find new customers, grow your business, and balance risk with revenue. Achieve outstanding outcomes with custom analytics models that drive an additional +13.5% lift in KS score and a 45% reduction in loan defaults.

  • Optimize.

    Streamline and enhance your decisioning process with MicroBilt's analytics. Automate your decisioning to improve accuracy and speed, ensuring you get the customers you want sooner. Our models offer consistency, customization, and compliance, ensuring you're ahead of federal and state regulations. Experience a potential +5% increase in customers, a +30% boost in approval rates, and a -15% decrease in default rates.

MicroBilt has been at the forefront of analytics and decisioning solutions for over three decades. Our mission remains unchanged: to help you make the best decisions as efficiently as possible. As an early innovator in alternative credit data and analytics models, we continue to lead the industry, providing actionable insights that power opportunities for our clients and their customers.

Leverage our expertise and proven track record to drive growth, profitability, and an enriched customer experience. With MicroBilt, you're not just getting data; you're getting smarter, data-driven decisioning that positions your business for success. Learn more about how we can help you analyze, customize, and optimize your decisioning processes to achieve real results with a proven impact.

Real results with proven impact.

Combining traditional credit data sources with proprietary alternative credit data to increase predictive accuracy.

  • Short Term Lending. 23% profitability gain

  • Retail. 16% default reduction

  • Auto Financing. 23% overall lift

  • We’ve been a leader for thirty years.

    MicroBilt was an early innovator in moving data systems online. We were among the first to invest in alternative credit data - well before it became popular. Today we continue to push forward creating new analytics models that combine traditional and non-traditional data in powerfully predictive ways.

  • We know this industry better than anyone.

    MicroBilt has been working with short-term lenders, installment loan programs, auto lenders, collections companies and other industries from the beginning. We have intimate knowledge of these markets, their needs and compliance requirements, tailoring our offerings to the industries we serve.

  • We serve customers at scale.

    With customers across the country and increasingly, abroad, MicroBilt has built a reputation on reliable service. We work collaboratively with customers to ensure our data is continually refreshed and relevant, optimizing our models in a cycle of continuously improving outcomes.

  • We’re a collaborative partner.

    We’ve always been focused on building relationships. Beyond just the models we deliver, we collaborate with you closely to ensure your objectives are served by the analytics we provide.

  • We stay up to date to make sure you stay out front.

    The models we build are continually being improved on. As data is refreshed, or new information become available we incorporate it and adjust our algorithms to maintain the highest predictive integrity for our products.

Outstanding Outcomes: Finding more customers. Reducing predicted risk.

Working with an auto finance company we were able to determine that they were rejecting “Thin file” and “No file” applicants without any evaluation.

Through a study using our iPredict models, we were able to identify the size of the lost opportunity which represented a potential +5% customers at a tolerable risk.

Our collaboration allowed the auto finance company to increase their overall approval rate upwards from 25% to 30%.

We also added alternative data to our analysis of their regular non-thin file portfolio, and were able to predict a default rate reduction from 15% to 12%.

The company has since implemented our new scorecard, complete with the alternative data, effectively taking advantage of previously lost opportunities while also reducing predicted risk.

  • +5%

    Potential Customers

  • +30%

    Approval Rates

  • -15%

    Default Rates

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