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Find an individual with intelligent search and linking algorithms

Verify an address with the ability to identify neighbors, associates and co-inhabitants who may be contacted in pursuit of the individual.

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What does it do?

A skip tracing solution that helps users locate relatives, neighbors, associates and roommates as potential points-of-contact for a debtor as part of the collection and recovery process when attempts to contact the individual directly have repeatedly failed and no other contact information has been provided.

Uses intelligent search and linking algorithms to identify and flag other people that may have shared common residences currently or in the past with a submitted individual.

  • Verified and shared addresses
  • Names of the individuals that shared the common addresses
  • Indicators that identify the type of contact derived (i.e. Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors)
  • Phone numbers associated to each linked individual
  • Current and previous neighbors
  • Reporting Dates

What is it used for?

Provides critical information for skip tracing cases where an individual is proving difficult to track down.


  • Web Based
  • Batch
  • API

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