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Protect your company by protecting consumer information with virtual & on-site inspections

Provides robust inspections, compliance, credentialing, and training services.

  • Virtual inspection
  • On-site inspection
  • Credentialing
  • Training

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What does it do?

Mandated under CFPB requirements, ComplyTraq’s virtual and physical onsite inspections are certified by all three major credit bureaus. We offer on-site inspection (interior and exterior), external inspection (drive-by), vendor inspection and bulk inspection services. Site inspections are available in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Virtual Inspection
Available worldwide, and leveraging advanced technologies including image authentication software, virtual inspections meet all regulatory requirements with the same rigor as our on-site inspections. In addition, your customers benefit from less disruption and you’ll enjoy the added convenience of offering this service.

On-Site Inspection
On-site inspection service includes on-site property observation forms customized to your needs. The on-site inspection process includes all required details to meet regulatory requirements including interior and exterior photos.


Offers credentialing of customers who access consumer information. This service takes your business and your resellers’ businesses through steps required for proper credentialing while completing the documentation necessary for compliance.


Even more important is applying best practices in your daily operations. ComplyTraq works with your organization to get them in high gear. Maintaining strict information policies and practices, including full compliance with FCRA and other regulations.

What is it used for?

Chosen by business owners and executives to ensure company personnel and practices meet the standards of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act that affects any business that use consumer data in conducting business.


  • Web Based
  • Batch
  • API

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