A multi-product program designed to cost-effectively ensure your business is FCRA compliant


The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) require certain knowledge and practices of any business transacting in consumer data. MicroBilt’s ComplyTraq FCRA Compliance Suite is designed to give businesses the tools they need to meet FCRA and CFPB standards and avoid the steep penalties associated with non-compliance. Available products include:

ComplyTraq Site Inspections – Mandated under FCRA requirements, MicroBilt will save you time and effort by organizing and sending a certified site inspector to verify businesses meet the necessary requirements for access to data.

ComplyTraq Credentialing – Ensures your business and employees are properly credentialed with supporting documentation to meet FCRA regulations. Services include site inspection, document verification, and application data verification.

ComplyTraq FCRA Training – Walks all employees transacting in consumer information through the requisite information and practices associated with FCRA compliance requirements.


Used by business owners and executives to ensure company personnel and practices meet the standards of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act that affects any business that uses consumer data in conducting business.

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