The SPOT Verified Bank Locator offers the most accurate data available on a consumer’s current banking information. The service leverages multiple sources of data reported to and aggregated by MicroBilt to identify ABA Routing and Bank Account Numbers associated to a submitted individual.


Through SPOT Verified Bank Locator, ABA routing and account numbers are put through a series of verification and validation procedures to confirm the bank account is legitimate and currently open.

Additional information is returned about each ABA routing and bank account number that identifies the type of account, ACH status, account risk and bank performance score associated with the account. This data is refreshed daily to ensure currency.

With this report you can

  • Locate accounts – bank name, account and routing numbers
  • Verify accounts – SPOT uses more validation sources than any other search, including data from the Federal Reserve
  • Predict account performance – using the exclusive Bank Performance Score

Each report returns

  • Up to 5 verified ABA/account numbers per individual
  • Individual contact information
  • First and last seen dates
  • Number of times seen
  • Account risk and validation indicators
  • Bank name and performance score


SPOT Verified Bank Locator is used by collections and recovery professionals to locate and identify banking information. It is important in establishing the overall likelihood and amount of a recovery.

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