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Power your software and applications with MicroBilt’s frequently refreshed, reliably delivered, data APIs. Designed for everything from loan origination and identity confirmation to background screening and fraud detection, our APIs provide quality data efficiently and cost-effectively. To test any of our APIs, register on our developer platform.

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As a consumer credit reporting agency, MicroBilt's data is not only frequently refreshed and securely maintained, it meet the highest standards of consumer data quality as mandated through federal regulations.


How Businesses Can Grow Revenue Through Extending Low-Risk Credit

by MicroBilt News on Jan 10, 2020

Organizations are always looking for avenues to grow revenue and profits. One way to do so is by extending credit options to...

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Credit Checks Improve Hiring Practices

by MicroBilt News on Jan 08, 2020

Entrepreneur Magazine reports that companies who invest in background screening, including consumer credit reports, do better...

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Social media changing debt collection game

by MicroBilt News on Dec 27, 2019

Debt collecting has always been a game of numbers. One thing that’s putting the numbers on the side of debt collectors, is social...

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