No one knows alternative credit like we do.

For over 40 years MicroBilt has been helping businesses assess and manage risk. We were a pioneer in the now exploding alternative credit data space and as such have refined our products and services to deliver true business value.

Today Microbilt is a registered consumer credit reporting agency. That means our data and products meet the highest standards of accuracy, quality, and security as mandated by federal regulations.

At our core, we believe that any successful company needs access to the right information to make the smartest decisions possible.

Over the years, MicroBilt has invested heavily in acquiring best-in-class data. We’ve built sophisticated systems for keeping our data fresh and accurate and powerful predictive models for making decisions around lending, leasing, collections, and risk management.

With an eye to the needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises often left out of the big data game, MicroBilt has also structured our products to be right-sized for your business. With MicroBilt you can customize the products you need, and how much you want to spend. And all of our products are provided through a single, simple, access portal.

Whether you’re working in originations or debt collection, screening a potential hire or tenant, planning for growth, or keeping up with regulatory requirements, MicroBilt can be your partner, providing the insight and information you need to protect your business, grow your bottom line, and keep your company running smoothly.

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  • 1978
    MicroBilt business began as Equipment Resources Incorporated, a provider of communications devices.
  • 1982
    Equipment Resources introduced communications terminals into the credit industry.
  • 1984
    Equipment Resources changed its name to MicroBilt as it began to develop value added software programs for its communications devices in addition to its proprietary hardware platforms.
  • 1985
    MicroBilt went public.
  • 1990
    MicroBilt was purchased by First Financial Management Corporation.
  • 1995
    First Financial Management Corporation was acquired by First Data Corporation. MicroBilt developed Windows-based desktop software solutions for customers as well as enterprise solutions for local area networks, wide area networks, credit communications engines and browser-based applications. These developments, however, were focused on enhancing the leasing of its proprietary hardware platforms that allowed customers to communicate directly with the consumer and commercial credit bureaus.
  • 2000
    First Data transferred its MicroBilt assets into MicroBilt, LLC. The Company implemented a process to move away from providing access the credit bureau data through the leasing of proprietary hardware to delivering all types of risk management information through an on-line, transactions-based platform. Along the way certain strategic acquisitions — DataFax, Inc., Integra Information, Inc., FiData, Inc., and Pay Rent, Build Credit, Inc., added to MicroBilt’s product offerings and system completeness.
  • 2002
    Acquired MergTech assets.
  • 2004
    MicroBilt Merchant Services and MicroBilt Financial Services are incorporated.
  • 2005
    Acquired Profit Systems Software, Credit Data Systems Inc., Eclectic Data Systems Inc. assets.
  • 2005
    ComplyTraq LLC incorporated to provide compliance services to third parties including customers and vendors.
  • 2010
    MicroBilt UK Ltd. incorporated.
  • 2010
    MicroBilt acquired CL Verify (“CLV”), formerly DP Bureau, a leading supplier of credit related information to short term lenders.