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Scan for a criminal history quickly and easily

All-in-one solution for discovering information about Sex Offender Records, Criminal Records, Arrests, Wants and Warrants, and Traffic Record.

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What does it do?

Sex offender search

Criminal Sex Offender Search
Returns data from multiple states specifically on sex offenses with felony convictions.

US Sex Offender Report
Instantly searches national criminal records from all states to return sex offenses returning information on currently-registered sex offenders.

Criminal search

US Criminal Report
The most comprehensive instant nationwide criminal search on the market today. All-in-one solution for discovering information about Criminal Records, Sex Offender Records, Arrests, Wants and Warrants, and Traffic Records.

Criminal State and National Search
Instantly compiles records from multiple states to return felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations and incarcerations.

Rapsheets Criminal Database Search
The most comprehensive online criminal database search of court records, Department of Corrections records and law enforcement records.

Manual search

County Felony & Misdemeanor
7-year countywide felony and misdemeanor search. High comprehensive and includes charges filed, charge level, final disposition and date, sentencing and listed verifiers.

County Felony Search
7-year countywide felony search that conveniently includes misdemeanors as well.

Manual State Search
7-year state-wide search for a selected state includes felony and misdemeanors in the same search return.

What is it used for?

Used for background screening in order to manage risks in hiring, renting, credit authorization and business dealings.


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