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Comprehensive data to help you make the smartest business decisions

A comprehensive review of a company’s business information, including firmographics, credit standing, exposure, legal details, and a risk assessment score.

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What does it do?

Returns a risk assessment score in addition to the following information.

Business Filmographies

  • Additional tradenames
  • Business contacts and titles
  • Incorporation number and effective dates
  • Number of employees
  • Sales volume
  • Sales volume

Credit Reference Information

  • Equifax risk assessment score
  • Number of accounts reporting
  • Number of delinquencies
  • Credit limit at 90 days and 13 months - all lines
  • Highest credit score 90 days and 13 months - all lines
  • Total credit exposure
  • Total credit outstanding
  • Total current balance and past due
  • Judgments, liens and legal suits

Risk Assessment Score Details

  • Credit information (CI) score and trend graph
  • Payment index (PI) and trend graphic
  • Commercial delinquency score (CDS) risk class
  • Business failure risk score (BFRS)

Business Creditor Information

  • Date reported, status and terms
  • Date account opened
  • Total current balance and total past due
  • Original credit limit/date
  • Write-off amount/date

Additional Information

  • Quarterly industry payment trend
  • Returned cheque details
  • Collection details
  • Judgement, liens, lawsuit details
  • Bankruptcy details

What is it used for?

Companies can use the Equifax Canada Business Credit Report during due diligence in advance of extending credit to a corporate entity. The report is also useful for fraud detection and debt collection.


  • Web Based
  • Batch
  • API

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