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A comprehensive employment history search and verification

Offers an extensive search and verification process to locate employment information associated with an individual.

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What does it do?

Requests are processed thru a series of public and proprietary data sources in attempt to locate associated employment records. Additionally, each request is routed to MicroBilt's experienced Client Services team where additional manual investigation techniques are used to uncover hard-to-find employment links.

All employment information matched to an individual is verified to be current and correct by initiating a call directly to the employer, or by confirming the information via a credible online or automated source.

When calling to verify the information, no customer information is ever disclosed, and only a general explanation is given regarding MicroBilt being a third party that completes application verifications on-behalf of lenders, financial service providers and other types of businesses.

Each file submitted is worked between 15-30 days to deliver the highest find rate possible with the greatest amount of accuracy.

Results delivered in the SPOT Verified POE report contain the following information:

  • Final verification status
  • Verification date
  • Verification time
  • Verification code
  • Final notes
  • Verified employer name
  • Verified employer address
  • Verified employer phone number
  • Verified name at employer
  • Verified position

What is it used for?

Gives collections professionals an easy-to-use and trusted resource for locating a debtor's employment in support of recovery efforts.


  • Web Based
  • Batch
  • API

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