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Rhett & Link's "I Love Local Commercials" Series Debuts with a Musical (of Sorts): A Love Song to Being in the Band.


MicroBilt Corporation, a leader in risk management information for small and medium-sized businesses today announced that Ray's Midbell Music of Sioux City, Iowa was the first small business selected for the "Rhett & Link I Love Local Commercials Series". Ray's Midbell Music is featured in a new "local commercial" conceived, written and directed by the Internet Comedy duo Rhett & Link, who have become an Internet sensation by parodying small business commercials featuring actual small businesses. The MicroBilt-sponsored project was designed to celebrate small business and the "art" of local commercials. The new Ray's Midbell Music commercial will "break" today on, YouTube and other social media outlets. Rhett & Link commercials confirmed the power and potential of non-traditional video and social media: more than 2.3 million viewers have watched the initial series released last spring featuring The Red House Furniture video which has been featured on CNN, NPR, The New York Times and TMZ. Brian Bradley, EVP of Strategy and Marketing of MicroBilt explained, "Ray's Midbell Music is an ideal business for our first free commercial for the I Love Local Commercials project. Ray's Music is a small business that like MicroBilt, is willing to experiment with social media to reach their customers and to celebrate being "a member of the band." Ray's off-beat culture and willingness to have fun with the project appealed to Rhett and Link, who always wanted to do a musical. But fear not viewers: this is definitely not '76-Trombones'." Ray Guntren, owner of Ray’s Midbell Music said, "Humor is great way to reach customers. And with the help of Rhett & Link, everyone connected with the store into the act with our poem, set to music, about how cool it is to be in the band." MicroBilt has thousands of small business customers across the country including local music stores just like Ray's Midbell Music. MicroBilt is sponsoring the "I Love Local Commercials" series and paying for the production of new commercials. Rhett & Link fans, MicroBilt's users and any interested small businesses (or the fans of a local business) can to go to the site–––– to nominate small business candidates for the new season of commercials. About MicroBilt
MicroBilt, an industry leader in risk management information for small and medium-sized enterprises, is a single source provider for credit bureau, collections, identity fraud prevention and screening data access and retrieval. MicroBilt is certified through and provides interfaces with the three national consumer credit bureaus, Equifax (NYSE: EFX), Experian (London Stock Exchange: EXPN) and TransUnion; and three commercial bureaus, D&B (NYSE: DNB), Experian (London Stock Exchange: EXPN) and Equifax Business (NYSE: EFX); as well as LexisNexis (London Stock Exchange: REL), Fidelity National (NYSE: FIS), Fair Isaac (NYSE: FIC), Acxiom (NASDQ (GS): ACXM), First Advantage (NASDQ: FADV) and ChoicePoint (NYSE: CPS). The company provides flexible data access to leading Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and a broad range of industries. It is an active member of the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA). About Rhett & Link
Rhett & Link are a North Carolina-based comedy duo consisting of life-long best friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They are best known for their internet videos and are self-proclaimed "Internetainers". In addition to their web presence, Rhett & Link are also musicians and filmmakers, and have worked in network television as hosts. They own and operate a video production company, RhettandLinKreations, LLC. About Ray's Midbell Music
Ray's Mid-Bell Music, located at 4230 S. Lancelot Lane behind Outback Steakhouse in Sioux City, provides services musicians and in Northwest Iowa, parts of Southern Minnesota, Southeast South Dakota and Northeast Nebraska. Ray's MidBell Music employs 21 full/part time professionals and offers a flexible, convenient and low-cost, rental-purchase plans as well as discounted accessories, method books, and a large selection of pop music. The store carries most major band instrument brands as well as an excellent selection of student and intermediate orchestra instruments. All instruments are available for lease, purchase, or rental purchase. The company offers a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE on most instruments. A full compliment of instrument repair services is also available. The company is accessible via web site at and toll free at 800-798-1000.