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New MicroBilt Subsidiary Optimizes Collections for SME's: Cuts Costs, Helps Recover Lost Revenue

Kennesaw, GA, May 18, 2008

MicroBilt Corporation, leading provider of risk management services to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), is launching a new service through its wholly-owned subsidiary, MicroBilt Collection Agency, Inc., called "SmartTarget™". SmartTarget offers a new pricing model with an intelligent suite of services optimized for the unique needs and challenges of SMEs. Among SmartTarget services are end-to-end solutions for locating and communicating with debtors together with the reporting of delinquencies, all based on an innovative, all-inclusive pricing model optimized for SMEs. "With consumer defaults rising, small businesses are being hit the hardest with bad debt, and they continue to be in the worst possible position in terms of collecting it," says Walt Wojciechowski, CEO of MicroBilt Corporation. "The smaller the company, the more a single debt impacts cash flow and profitability, but they typically don't have the resources on staff to effectively pursue collections, or the volumes needed to interest many of the collection agencies. If a debt goes unpaid, they can't communicate directly to the various data repositories, a well known fact that makes them even more of a target. MicroBilt is taking the lead with a new model that's designed from the ground up to optimize and streamline the process for our small and medium-sized customers." SmartTarget requires no account volume minimums and pursues individual debts on a fixed fee, per-transaction basis. Verifying the debtor's current address, generating tailored demand letters, confirming delivery by the U.S. Postal Service and reporting the debt to the consumer and commercial data repositories are all components of the SmartTarget program. "Smarter" Targeting: Collecting Debt, Keeping Customers MicroBilt's SmartTarget services add critical intelligence and flexibility throughout the collections process. "Throughout MicroBilt, we're working to cost-effectively build more intelligence into the lending and collections processes so that smaller businesses can be more informed when they decide to extend credit as well as when they need to aggressively collect on it," says Wojciechowski. "The bottom line is more business with less risk, and greater leverage when things don't go as expected." About MicroBiltMicroBilt has been an industry leader in risk management information since 1978. A single source provider for credit bureau, collections, identity fraud prevention and screening data access and retrieval, MicroBilt is certified through and provides interfaces with the three national consumer credit bureaus, Equifax (NYSE: EFX), Experian (London Stock Exchange: EXPN) and Trans Union and three commercial bureaus, D&B, Experian and Equifax Business, as well as LexisNexis (NYSE: ENL; NYSE: RUK), Fidelity National (NYSE: FIS) and ChoicePoint (NYSE: CPS). With solutions optimized for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), MicroBilt provides flexible data access to leading Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and a broad range of industries at MicroBilt also enables credentialed companies to enhance their web site content offerings by delivering a private labeled site to their established online communities. For more information, please contact MicroBilt Corporation, 1640 Airport Road, Suite 115, Kennesaw, GA, 30144 or Telephone: 1-800-884-4747.