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Leading Bureau Affiliates Choose MicroBilt to Drive Integrated Web Site for Credit Reporting, Tenant and Employment Screening Pu

KENNESAW, GA, Oct 19, 2004

MicroBilt Corporation, the leading provider of online credit reporting and data sources automation, today announced a number of new customer relationships who have selected MicroBilt Corporation to private label for serving their customer's credit and data fulfillment needs. These companies include Information Bureaus: Credit Bureau of CT, Credit Bureau of York and SARMA, Experian Affiliates: Credit Data Services of FL and Merchants Credit Bureau of Augusta and Equifax Affiliate: CSC Credit Services of Houston. Seeking to integrate credit and other critcal data sources such as tenant and employment screening data these companies selected for its integrated data delivery. MicroBilt's solution provides one-stop Internet access and serves as a centralized source for obtaining Experian, Trans Union and Equifax Consumer credit bureau data, D&B, Experian Business reports as well as national, state and local criminal databases, evictions databases, bankruptcy, skip tracing, liens & judgments, UCC filings, drivers license, motor vehicle records and more. "We are seeing explosive growth in the need for access to these additional databases throughout a multitude of industries. This need will continue to grow as will the databases themselves, including new databases that are not yet widely accepted such as employment and education verification," said Ken Hill, President of MicroBilt. Through MicroBilt's Private Label Program, affiliates and resellers are able to brand the site as their own and market the site based on their individual business model. The fully automated billing module built into the site allows affiliates to input their pricing, billing and invoice delivery methods decreasing the amount of time required at month end to deliver their bills and receive payment. Affiliates are also able to support these products with no programming required or True Secure certification costs, and stay on top of new products from the credit bureaus as well as integrating and offering the latest in industry wide databases. "CreditCommander has enabled us to offer a one-stop shopping environment for our clients while providing us with additional cross-sell opportunities," said Laura LaFerriere, Director of Sales, Specialized Business Services, CSC Credit Services. "As a longtime customer, we decided to transition to a private label site which allows us to take advantage of new revenue opportunities and maintain control over our existing customer base. As we set our customers up on our own private label site to pull credit reports, it opens the door for cross sell opportunities with the new additional data sources. The billing module allows us to build our own customized pricing tables to help automate our month end billing," said Robb Temple, President of Credit Data Services of Florida. "MicroBilt has done an outstanding job with their Private Label Program which allows us to easily market background screening services to our clients through an extensive network of data providers," states Louis Capobianco, Vice President of Credit Bureau of CT. "We have been extremely pleased with the enhancements to their automated billing module which makes the month end billing process virtually effortless." These affiliates will now realize significant opportunities in both efficiency and new revenue opportunities such as: "Our Private Label Program is ideal for these affiliates as they automate and expand beyond their existing credit services and realize new opportunities for marketing a host of new data sources to an expanding customer base as well as cross selling to existing customers." said Mr. Hill. "The centralized Internet platform and customizable billing options provide these affiliates with the competitive edge required for growing their business." About MicroBilt Corporation
MicroBilt, a division of Bristol Investments, Ltd., is the leader in credit bureau data access and retrieval, providing credit, collection and data sources. MicroBilt is certified through and provides interfaces with the three consumer bureaus, Equifax (NYSE: EFX), Experian (London Stock Exchange: GUS) and Trans Union and the two commercial bureaus, D&B and Experian Business. Bureau data and decisioning is available via Internet web access at, a systems integration toolkit, dedicated terminals and dial-up software. The company also enables web sites to enhance their content offerings by delivering a private label site to their established online communities. Private company information along with knowledge-based analytical tools and information services is available through Integra Information, a division of MicroBilt. Formerly a First Data Corporation subsidiary (NYSE: FDC), MicroBilt Corporation, maintains offices in Georgia and New Jersey. For more information, contact MicroBilt Corporation, 1640 Airport Road, Suite 115, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Telephone: 1-800-884-4747. Or visit their website at