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MicroBilt’s Genesis Initiative Re-imagines Business DataStaple data tools redesigned for a new economy

KENNESAW, GA, Jan 14, 2013

Risk management leader MicroBilt plans to give the world of business data a much-needed shot in the arm. That’s the goal of the Genesis Initiative, a comprehensive update on some of the most fundamental tools that businesses use to manage risk, assess creditworthiness, process payments, and more. Genesis-related MicroBilt products are built from the ground up to specifically measure the data most relevant to the economy of 2013 and beyond—and thereby overcome the inertia that has allowed many data tools to remain obsolete for decades. For example, the PRBC (Payment Reporting Builds Credit) Credit Bureau is reimagining the way consumer credit is measured. Traditional credit scores focus on a very narrow kind of credit history (mostly credit cards and bank loans). Based on a formula invented in the ‘80s, these scores represent a bygone era of consumer debt management. Now, a third of the American population can no longer be measured by traditional credit scores. PRBC fills this hole by measuring more diverse types of payment history, such as rent and utilities payments. “We generally think of credit history as a measurement of bad behavior, such as high debt and missed payments,” says MicroBilt Senior Vice President Sean Albert. “PRBC will allow people, who pay their bills every month, to be measured for their good behavior as well. And this will create a whole new segment of customers for businesses that offer credit.” Another Genesis-related project, Risk Verify Database (rVd), is introducing revolutionary new security measures for ACH payment processing. “With today’s technology, there is no reason why ACH shouldn’t be the most inexpensive, most efficient, most prevalent method of payment in the world,” says MicroBilt Director of Strategic Development Dave King. “Risk Verify Database provides the security methods necessary to make that happen, and it is revolutionizing the payments industry.” For more information, call Keith Goodnight, Director of Product Management, at 800-884-4747, ext 4420. An introduction to the Genesis Initiative can be found on MicroBilt’s website at

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