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KENNESAW, GA, Sep 14, 2009

MicroBilt Corporation, a leader in risk management information for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), today announced that the MicroBilt-sponsored "Rhett & Link I Love Local Commercials Series" will return this fall with new "episodes" of goofy commercials. The commercials will debut on a new dedicated website and on YouTube and other social media outlets. Rhett & Link fans, MicroBilt's 125,000 users and any interested small businesses (or the fans of a local business) can to go to the new site––––to nominate small business candidates for the new season of commercials. Earlier this year, Rhett & Link produced and virally released three parody commercials for real companies. One of these spots, known as "The Red House" was seen by more than one million YouTube, Facebook and MySpace viewers and became a national news story in traditional electronic and print media, such as CNN, NPR, The New York Times and TMZ. Visitors to the site can nominate businesses for future commercials. Companies selected will appear in the new series of local commercial videos, sponsored by MicroBilt. "We've always been fascinated by bad local commercials: they demand your attention, the same way you can't pass a car wreck on the highway without stopping to gawk," said Rhett McLaughlin. "There aren't many––make that any––mainstream companies who would be willing to give us the latitude and money to make the 'Red House' commercial that spoofed racial stereotypes or the TDM Auto Sales spot featuring a Cuban gynecologist-turned-used-car-dealer. But MicroBilt did, and now they’re coming back for more." "Over the next few months, we will be roaming the country looking for two things: small businesses that are willing to spoof themselves, and great local barbeque near our shoots," added Link Neal. "If you know a small business that should be in one of our commercials, go to the new site and tell us. Who knows? We might just pick it, particularly if it is near a favorite BBQ spot from Drive-ins, Diners and Dives." "The overwhelming response to the first round of Rhett & Link commercials confirmed the power and potential of non-traditional video and social media: more than 1.7 million viewers watched The Red House video, talked about it to their friends and colleagues, sent it on to others to watch. That doesn't happen very often these days with traditional ads, let alone low-budget commercials about obscure 'Main Street' businesses," explained Brian Bradley, EVP of Strategy and Marketing of MicroBilt. "We're continuing this campaign to help our clientsAmerica's small and medium-sized businessesto see how new marketing strategies, social media and new technology can grow their businesses. We're also doing it because the spots are laugh-out-loud funny and we could all use a reason to smile during these grim economic times." To learn more about the program, business owners should call 1-800-884-4397 or visit