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MicroBilt Corporation becomes a Platinum Sponsor in its Continued Support of the OLA and Their Members

KENNESAW, GA, Apr 17, 2012

MicroBilt, a leading risk management partner in the online short-term lending and other credit markets, has committed to a Platinum level sponsorship of this year's Online Lenders Alliance Spring Summit and Fall Business Conference. MicroBilt understands the need for networking and shared solutions within the online lending community. The data solutions company offers online services that quickly verify consumer identity and authenticate bank information such as the ABA routing number. The Online Lenders Alliance Spring Summit is the only open policy event targeted to the online short-term lending community. During the event, participants receive information on key policy updates and can meet with legislatures in small groups and individually. The event will be held in Washington, DC and is scheduled for April 25 and 26, 2012. Regular registration ends in March; late registrations are accepted through April 17. If you are already a member of the OLA, you may be able to take advantage of reduced registration costs. The experts at MicroBilt understand how essential a solid grasp of policy is for all those in the online short-term lending market, which is why they agree to sponsor this event at a platinum level. MicroBilt sponsorship ensures participants get quality events, accurate information and are able to receive important guidance through the summit. If you are involved in the online short-term lending industry, the OLA summit can mean the difference between a good year and a year prone to regulatory nightmares. About MicroBilt
MicroBilt is the leader in serving small businesses with data and tools that they need to manage business risk, value private businesses, and make informed lending and hiring decisions. MicroBilt offers the small business owner simple, cost-effective solutions for fraud prevention, consumer financing, debt collection, skip tracing and background screening. With its PRBC® Consumer Report with the FICO® Expansion® Score and its unique, proprietary non-traditional lending data, MicroBilt is the leading provider of alternative credit data to businesses that want to offer credit and other financial services to the over 115 million underserved consumers in the United States About Online Lenders Alliance
The Online Lenders Alliance is a professional trade organization representing the growing industry of companies offering online consumer small, short-term loans. OLA member companies abide by a list of Best Practices and Code of Conduct to ensure that customers are fully informed, fairly treated and are using all lending products and practices responsibly. For more information, visit