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MicroBilt announces commitment to PCI DSS 3.0

KENNESAW, GA, Nov 24, 2014

MicroBilt now abides by the non-mandatory PCI DSS security protections to keep clients safe at all points. MicroBilt has announced that it is now compliant with PCI DSS 3.0, the latest iteration of the data security model. MicroBilt shows a commitment to security and protection, as this specification was completed a full year ahead of schedulethe regulations are not yet mandatory. The corporation was given PCI DSS 3.0 certification by a Qualified Security Assessor following an audit. This accomplishment has not yet been achieved by many other data providers or financial organizations. “This latest move exemplifies MicroBilt’s long-term commitment to security and shows that we’re always willing to go the extra mile to protect our clientele,” noted Walt Wojciechowski, MicroBilt CEO. PCI DSS 3.0 is the most comprehensive version of the data security standards released by the PCI council. PCI DSS represents strong and detailed framework of standards, tools and measurements to enhance credit card and other financial transactions. Not only does this cover the security of information, but these rules also apply to prevention, detection of breaches or risks and reaction to attacks or threats. These standards are crucial for any financial organization that processes transactions both online and in-person. More individuals and companies are held accountable for the security of consumer and business information, so becoming compliant shows that MicroBilt is dedicated to fighting security failures. MicroBilt’s decision provides a great example of how the business stays on the cutting edge. The choice was made ahead of regulations that make compliance mandatory, proving a commitment to keeping up quality standards. Moreover, PCI DSS 3.0 comes at a high price, as the fees tied to becoming compliant are high. MicroBilt spared no expense to ensure clientele remain safe. This development comes alongside the announcement that the corporation is also now SSAE16 SOC 1 and EI3PA certified. MicroBilt has made its PCI DSS 3.0 Attestation of Compliance letter and the full Report on Compliance available to anyone who requests copies, in accordance with the compliance package process.

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