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Integration with MicroBilt's Instant Bank Verification now available to EPIC Loan System clients

KENNESAW, GA, Sep 16, 2012

EPIC Loan Systems has announced the completion and release of their integration with the Instant Bank Verification (IBV) solution offered by MicroBilt. IBV allows EPIC customers to assess risk and bank account status of applicants, giving much greater insight and allowing for stronger analytical-based decisioning for loan origination. IBV instantly provides lenders with dozens of essential account attributes, including existence of a specific bank account, amount of time the bank account has been active, direct deposit, frequency of direct deposit, NSF status, current balance, available balance, and more. Information is delivered back to the loan management system over a secure connection, in real time. “EPIC continues to prove it’s the most powerful LMS in the market by providing each client with premier services that will help them achieve higher profitability,” said Devon Cohen, President of EPIC Loan Systems. “The IBV solution will revolutionize the way EPIC clients approach their decision making process with the addition of this critical data tool.” MicroBilt’s EVP of sales, Quinn Thomas commented, “Companies have built their underwriting process around data, and when something this unique becomes available, it clearly is a game-changer for the industry. We are extremely excited that EPIC is now offering our solution to their clients. It demonstrates EPIC’s continued commitment to providing leading edge solutions to its clients”. Interested in finding out more? For information on Instant Bank Verification, call MicroBilt at 1-800-884-4747 or visit To find out how EPIC’s IBV integration can help your business, go to or call 1-877-305-3742. About EPIC Loan Systems
EPIC Loan Systems, the fastest growing LMS, brings a new era of loan management systems to the industry. Their complete, turn-key solution for lenders processes leads more effectively, provides lenders more control over portfolio management and dramatically enhances lender profitability. EPIC Loan Systems’ continuous innovation, delivering new releases and services, helps their clients remain compliant and profitable in a challenging market. EPIC Loan Systems is changing the way lenders do business. About MicroBilt
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