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Business credentialing, audit and site survey leader, ComplyTraq, unveils new platform.

Kennesaw, GA Dec 18, 2020

ComplyTraq launched a completely new and innovative platform for businesses and inspectors that will continue their market leadership in FCRA compliance, credentialing, and training services to the consumer credit and financial data industries.

Committed to aiding organizations in handling consumer information with compliance requirements and assisting in the protection of public and private data, ComplyTraq provides physical onsite inspections, credentialing, training, auditing and is certified by all three major credit bureaus.

Site Surveys - Mandated under FCRA requirements including completion of all required forms and the requisite interior and exterior photos, ComplyTraq's vast network of inspectors in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands follow stringent guidelines and are known for fast turnaround.

Credentialing - Proper credentialing of businesses who access consumer information.

Training - For employees and customers, compliance is critical for both implementation and follow-up audits. ComplyTraq has designed training programs for FCRA and Red Flags compliance around the proper and improper uses of consumer credit information.

Auditing - A complete service to assure that users of consumer information are in compliance with the contracts under which they obtain information from your business.

Unauthorized use of data without permissible purpose or proper business validation can be devastating to your business. ComplyTraq provides the ideal solution for outsourcing the compliance knowledge and expertise required.

About ComplyTraq

ComplyTraq was established to serve the growing need for compliance and auditing in an industry that is under increasing pressure for state and federal regulation related to FCRA issues and information practices. Through the combined experience of MicroBilt Corporation, premier provider of decision critical data, and credit industry veteran and attorney Oscar Marquis the joint venture assists organizations and customers of their resellers with compliance and auditing needs as regulations evolve and strengthen.

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