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Workers in Arizona county to get more thorough background screenings

Jan 16, 2011 Matt Roesly

County workers in Prima County, Arizona, will soon be able to respond to a recently approved ordinance that forces any state employee to go through background screenings before being hired. The Prima County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing after it updated its background check policy, which will make anyone working for the government go through a more thorough screening process. The Arizona Star reports that the new provisions include a more detailed check of those working with confidential health records, children, the transportation department and waterworks. The county's leadership says that those working in vital sectors needed to meet certain standards. "This is a matter of cleaning up the language in our ordinances but also recognizing the importance of infrastructure to all of us," said supervisor Richard Elías in an interview with the source. "This goes back to my comment about having county employees operate the wastewater system and plant at Roger Road." The county is trying to avoid a situation encountered by local officials in New York. The Times Herald-Record reports that Evan Kane, a state contractor, was recently accused of stealing financial information from people who had applied for social security benefits.