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Woman convicted of passing bad checks

Mar 06, 2011 Brian Bradley

A woman from Minnesota was recently convicted of purchasing two cars from separate dealerships in the same city after passing off bad checks to the dealers.
 The Fergus Falls Journal reports that Sherrie Ann Obright, 40, was convicted on two counts of issuing dishonored checks and is required to spend 90 days in an Otter Tail County Jail after being given a 17 month sentence. Obright was fined $2,000 and will be able to pay some of it off with community service. She was also forced to pay $6,000 in restitution. The news source reports that Fergus Falls police recently obtained Obright's bank account history and discovered that Obright had only made two deposits for $100 each from the account she used to purchase the cars. Other people have been getting in trouble for passing fake checks as well. WSOC-TV reports that police in Charlotte, North Carolina, arrested Willie Rivers on five felony charges relating to a check scam.