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Woman arrested in major identity theft scheme

Sep 13, 2011 Matt Roesly

Police arrested a woman linked to an identity theft mob after she failed to withdraw funds with a fraudulent bank card, Appen Newspapers reports. 46-year-old Kathleen Mahoney was wearing a brown wig as she presented a bank with a false debit card and stolen driver's license. The teller attempted to stall Mahoney while the police were notified, however she managed to get away before authorities arrived at the scene. Police used the debit card and driver's license that Mahoney left behind to locate her white Mitsubishi vehicle, which matched the description the teller gave them. Authorities searched Mahoney's car and found wigs along with multiple fraudulent checks, driver's licenses and visa cards. According to authorities, Mahoney is tied to the Felony Lane Gang, which preys on citizens' personal information by breaking into cars, stealing purses and scouring for bank cards and social security information. "Mahoney was caught by Alpharetta police because we have high quality officers who are superbly trained and, most importantly, our intelligence unit works very well with our surrounding jurisdictions and other agencies," George Gordon, Alpharetta Public Safety Spokesman, said. "The cooperative intelligence sharing of information among the metro agencies is very good."