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Whole Foods partners with Square to launch mobile payments

Feb 19, 2014 Dave King

Whole Foods partners with Square to launch mobile payments

More businesses are beginning to adopt mobile payment systems to push into the future. Whole Foods Market stores recently agreed to partner with Square to set up electronic payments with Square Register and software, according to Tab Times.

Whole Foods plans on making this technology available at sandwich counters, juice and coffee bars, pizzerias and beer and wine bars, to help shoppers only in the store for these services to skip the main checkout lines. Not only will it provide a convenience to someone who just wants a sandwich, but shoppers with a cart full of groceries could also see shorter checkout lines.

"Together with Square, we'll deliver options to expedite checkouts, and we look forward to developing new concepts to further simplify and improve grocery shopping," said Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market.

In addition to shortening checkout lines at Whole Foods stores, the company can also improve loyalty programs through mobile payment systems. With the ability to track customer data, Whole Foods can send targeted advertisements to shoppers. For example, if someone purchases a lot of sandwiches, they can be notified when there is a sale.

Before launching this technology across all of its stores, Whole Foods will use several locations as "lab stores" to test new ideas to enhance customer service. Square will test out new products at these stores as well, so this is expected to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Square also has a partnership with Starbucks, which is one of the biggest coffee chains in the country.