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White paper shows correlation between background screening and quality of hires

Mar 11, 2011 Matt Roesly

Background screening is an easy solution for employers who want to ensure they are bringing on a trustworthy hire, yet new research shows the practice has tangible benefits in the hiring process as well. A new white paper from EmployeeScreenIQ has found companies that issue background checks of prospective hires have a positive job candidate experience more often. Additionally, the white paper found that the onboarding of new employees is generally smoother and reflects better on the company after a background check has been initiated. Nick Fishman, the author of the white paper, writes that background screening is becoming too important of a practice for employers to overlook. "Background screening is a critical element of the recruitment … The consequences of misinformed applicants, poor communication, or mistaken results can be devastating to not only the candidate but also to an employer's reputation," explains Fishman, chief marketing officer for EmployeeScreenIQ. By implementing routine background screening of all candidates, a company can filter out the best talent and establish a workplace environment where employees share greater trust and work more effectively.