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White paper clarifies background screening for international employees

Mar 03, 2011 Matt Roesly

Globalization has increased the likelihood of companies hiring an employee who has worked overseas. Such a history also increases the challenges employers face when attempting to obtain a detailed background check. However, the process has been simplified thanks to a new white paper from Employment Screening Resources. The document, titled Introduction to International Background Screening, outlines best practices for companies to use when screening someone who has worked in more than one country. "Every country is different when it comes to international background screening," explains Lester Rosen, founder and President of ESR. "Techniques, information, and availability of public records usually taken for granted here in the United States are often times not available abroad. Each foreign country has its own laws, customs, and procedures for background screening." The paper specifically targets documentation uniformity, higher costs due to currency exchanges, unique alphabets and other inconsistencies. According to the 2010 Census, there are more than 38.5 million foreign-born residents in the U.S., which heightens the need for more employment screening.