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What should businesses using mobile payment systems be worried about?

Sep 04, 2013 Dave King

As more consumers shy away from credit cards and other traditional forms of payments, mobile technology could take off. In order to be successful, businesses need to know what their main focus should be after implementation.

According to the Guardian, it is extremely important to give customers the choice of using more than one form of payment. Springing mobile transactions on them and removing the possibility to pay with credit cards would be a bad idea and may lead to the loss of customers.

Additionally, retailers need to be sure to educate their employees on the new technology. Chances are many customers will want to use the technology, but if cashiers don't know how to use it, consumers could be turned off.

There are also legal ramifications to consider, according to FindLaw. For instance, identity thieves are increasingly targeting mobile devices, so businesses need to do everything they can to protect consumer information. It is also recommended to pay close attention to state laws. Back when Square first came out, the state of Illinois banned its use, so businesses will want to be sure the technology they are using is legal.

If done correctly, mobile payment systems can be extremely successful, and help retailers retain customers who are ready to use new technology to pay for items.