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Webinar will discuss ID verification, background screenings

Oct 01, 2011 Karen Umpierre

An upcoming webinar offers interested employers the opportunity to learn new information regarding ID verification and background screenings. Employment Screening Resources announced that licensed private investigator Jared Callahan would be speaking at the online program, which provides guidance on how to deal with potentially problematic job applicants. The event, which is organized by the Employer Research Institute, will be held on September 27. According to Callahan, a comprehensive employee vetting system may reveal disturbing aspects of applicants' personal history. "If you don’t already run background checks, you should," Callahan said in a release. "It’s an opportunity to investigate whether applicants have lied, stolen, cheated, been violent, or otherwise engaged in unacceptable behavior. It's also a way to defend against a negligent hiring claim in the event you hire someone with a clean slate who later takes a turn for the dark side.” In addition to performing an extensive background check, companies can also use social networking sites to get a peak into the lives' of potential hires. Personnel Today reports that as many as 70 percent of recruiters in the U.S. have rejected an applicant based on the individual's activities on sites like Facebook and Twitter.