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Vermont governor wants more court records to be available online

Jan 20, 2011 Matt Roesly

Since his inauguration two weeks ago, the newly elected governor of Vermont has been hard at work making moves to cut the cost of government operations and take on something equally important - putting public court records online. In a press conference, Governor Peter Shumlin said that he wanted to improve public records in the state and to make it easier for citizens to request information about recent decisions. If passed, the proposal would make it easier for people to learn about budgetary decisions, arrest records and the treatment of state employees. "I have been consistently clear in my strong support of transparency in government," Shumlin said. "Every legitimate request by the public for information should be met in a timely, open manner. The combination of administration training and legislative changes should ensure that almost all requests for state documents are handled promptly and at no charge to the public, other than the cost of state-worker time." Shumlin has made other headlines recently by addressing the state's budget deficit. The Democrat said that he wanted to cut the budget by $12 million without laying off employees or cutting pay.