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Utah pursuing businesses with illegal workers

Feb 07, 2011 Matt Roesly

Employers in Utah may soon be subject to stiff penalties if they are found to have hired illegal workers, The Associated Press reports. A new bill sponsored by Utah Representative Chris Herrod would ideally dissuade employers from such workers and also mandate that companies in the state use identity verification to properly screen prospective employees. "Those people who are here have broken the laws, but they have been enticed," Herrold told the AP. "The only way to stop that is to remove the enticements." According to details of the bill, employers could have their licenses suspended for 10 days if they fail to use identity verification and are caught with an illegal worker. A second incident could lead to the seizure of one's business license. However, the bill has not been welcomed by small business owners who believe compliance to such a law will damper their chances at maximum revenue. Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce spokesman Marty Carpenter shared that sentiment. "Businesses shouldn't have to bear the responsibility of policing who is and who is not a citizen," Carpenter told the AP.