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UT-Chattanooga to begin screening RAs

Apr 03, 2011 Matt Roesly

Resident assistants play an important role in dorm life throughout the country. As a result, one university is introducing background screening to ensure its RAs meet the highest standard. The University Echo reports that the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga will soon begin screening all resident assistants. The paper reports that anyone who works for university housing departments and has access to dorm rooms must submit to background screening. That includes secretaries and administrators in addition to RAs. However,
Chuck Cantrell, vice chancellor for university relations, told the Echo that the method for screening individuals has yet to be established. "The actual process and the steps that are going to be taken, those have not been hammered out yet," Cantrell told the source. "Each case is going to be looked at individually, which is the same way it is with all the university." Introducing background checks stems from the recent arrest of Bernard Morris, the Chattanoogan reports. The former UTC resident assistant was recently accused of using his access to dorm rooms to install surveillance cameras to monitor female students.