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Using Google+ for your debt collection agency

Aug 27, 2011 Mike Garretson

Google+ is about to make leaps and bounds in an attempt to catch up to its competitor, Facebook. Debt collection doesn't always get a positive reception in social networks. More often than not, negative articles about the industry are circulated, making it vital for accounts receivable management firms to start considering a Google+ strategy, Forbes reports. As the most visited website in the world, Google's search engine uses one of the most refined search term algorithms. Having a business account on the social network will eventually prove extremely beneficial. Currently, Google+ isn't completely refined and not everyone can join, so Google suggests that businesses should hold off on fully immersing their online marketing strategies into the new social network. Recently, Fox Business reported that Americans are paying off debt at a higher rate than in the past. A debt collection agency with a Google+ account could further advertise such positive news to balance out the negativity that surrounds the industry.