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University of Arizona adds ID verification requirements for credit card users

Oct 10, 2011 Karen Umpierre

One public university in Arizona recently made headlines after it announced a new ID verification program that seeks to make ensure the validity of credit and debit card payments. The Daily Wildcat reports the University of Arizona will force all customers using the payment method to show ID on purchases of $10 or more. The school says that the new policy is part of the institution's effort to meet the standards of Payment Card Industry compliance. Jianne Johnson, a manager at Retail Dining Service, says that the new security initiative would benefit the campus as a whole. “We want to make sure customer security information is kept secure. It’s a safety precaution,” Johnson said in an interview with the paper. “We don’t want people maxing out stolen cards, and we (dining services) don’t want to be held liable for charges.” When it comes to PCI compliance, the group in charge of coming up with regulations, the PCI Security Standards Council, recently came out with new standards. The new document, PCI Point-to-Point Encryption Solution Requirements, gives retailers new guidelines when it comes to keeping user data safe