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UNC football coach's address appears in online court records

Dec 01, 2011 Matt Roesly

A subpoena of the personal cellphone records of former University of North Carolina head football coach Butch Davis may not be processed as planned, according to the News Observer. Davis, who was fired this past July, has been under fire following an NCAA investigation of UNC's football program that uncovered academic fraud and illegal benefits. Jon Sasser, Davis' lawyer, recently attempted to bar the subpoena, which was enacted by a media coalition led by The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer. The coalition is hoping to get calls from Davis' personal cellphone subpoenaed because it's alleged that he used it to make business calls. A Wake County Judge granted the request for phone records in May. However, Sasser wants a new judge to enter a protective order because the subpoena has become "unduly burdensome, unreasonable and oppressive." Furthermore, Davis learned that there were public court records online of his former home address posted by media outlets, and stated that the overall handling of the situation has caused an "extreme amount of suffering." ABC Local explains that UNC got itself in hot water when allegations surfaced that players were receiving perks from sports agents. Failure to monitor players' conduct played a large part in Davis' firing.