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Unbanked individuals may not connect to industry discourse

Dec 01, 2012 Sean Albert

When it comes to firms who wish to attract unbanked clients to their services, the financial industry may be missing opportunities to fully connect to the the public. It seems that the issue may not lie in services rendered as much as the kinds of terminology used by the industry to offer strategies for engaging these individuals.  "Unbanked individuals" is an umbrella term for people who do not use traditional means of banking or credit unions to dover financial needs. Some people may suffer from negative consumer credit data and may not be eligible for traditional lines of credit. Others choose to not use these services due to past negative experiences. Some clients may be financially unstable, living paycheck to paycheck without an ability to afford credit beyond these means. Because these individuals' experiences may vary widely, it is crucial that firms attempt to match the best services to the client. Short term lenders producing public communications should never attempt to market to a singular, assumedly impoverished audience. The ways that language is used can reveal a clear understanding of the clients' needs as well as an increase in perceived professionalism of the loan company.