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UK consumer confidence remains steady, but low

Mar 31, 2013 Simon Williams

UK consumer confidence remains steady, but low

Consumers in the United Kingdom have received their share of bad news in recent months. Fortunately, GfK's U.K. Consumer Confidence Index for March reported a little bit of positivity - many people's situations appear to be steadying.

"What we are seeing now looks more like the new normal than a temporary boost," said Nick Moon, managing director of social research at GfK. "The Index is still extremely low in historical terms but even a small rise, when sustained as this one has been, should be considered good news."

The overall consumer index remained steady at 26 points, indicating that U.K. residents are adjusting to the conditions. But for a lot of consumers and families, this "new normal" represents an unacceptable form of living. A separate study from revealed that the economic conditions have led to everyday struggles like:

- Not being able to keep the heat on

- Skipping meals

- Eliminating other expenditures, both on luxuries and necessities

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