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Title lenders help consumers with alternative finance options

Aug 10, 2012 Philip Burgess

Perhaps in response to the economic downturn, many short term lenders have stepped up their efforts to help Americans gain access to money needed for necessary and emergency purchases. Many areas across the country are seeing an increase in title loan companies, as they try to help the residents of their local communities. Atlanta, Georgia-based TitleMasters recently announced that it is expanding its operations to the Fort Worth, Texas, market, after many consumers in the area experienced hard financial times with the downturn. The company already has other locations throughout Texas, but its Fort Worth office will help it to offer quick short term lending solutions to local citizens who are in need of cash for important expenses. "One of the reasons we went into the title loan business is because it provides people with an option when no one else will help them," said company vice president Robert Gaspard. "In many communities we're the only business that provides this service. Now, we're happy to bring it to Fort Worth as well." New Hampshire is also seeing an increase in title loan businesses, as lawmakers passed regulations allowing these lenders to work with consumers, reports the Concord Monitor. The interest rate cap that was signed into law in 2009 has been reversed, as many residents are struggling to make ends meet and need faster access to money.