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Those with bad credit may feel invisible

Feb 20, 2013 Walt Wojciechowski

Those with bad credit may feel invisible

There are a lot of people that, for whatever reason, have poor credit scores. According to a recent study from Experian, there are 64 million people in the United States that qualify as credit invisible, meaning they cannot tap into the traditional financial system, The Wall Street Journal reported.

As such, the news provider explained, many credit bureaus are looking into tweaking scores to help some individuals. For now, though, obtaining lines of credit can be a challenge that can hinder some upcoming holiday plans.

However, credit bureaus and other businesses can let individuals with bad credit know that it's no longer required that they remain in the shadows. While it is important that consumers know that if they have a poor history, they should do what they can to rectify this, there is temporary relief.

People can go to a bureau to start recording their Payment Reporting Builds Credit score. All they have to do is provide information pertaining to multiple accounts, like utilities bills, that show a good history of making payments on time. They can use this score to obtain loans they may not have been able to tap into otherwise.