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The Importance of Using Background Screening in Your Company

Apr 19, 2021 MicroBilt News

The Importance of Using Background Screening in Your Company

There may be nothing more important to a company than its hiring process. That's because the people you hire represent you and your company. The background screening of today helps businesses identify positive job candidates.

Companies may find out that some job candidates they want to hire have previous or present criminal activities. That’s when you want to understand today's background screenings and how they work. Today's background screenings are more thorough than the basic criminal records check.

Please keep reading if you want to learn about how background screenings work. The following steps help you get quality results in your hiring decisions.

Background Screening

If you want to know what is background screening look to its truest definition. It's a process where a company verifies who a person is. They also have to check that everything a person states is exactly who and what they claim.

A background screening can check and confirm a criminal record. Background screening provides information on an employee’s education. It also provides information about other activities from their past. 

A background screening should be part of every company's hiring decisions. The employees play a part in the company’s growth and development. It's important to use background screening for your company no matter what industry you are in. 

Contracting With a Third-Party for Background Screening 

If you are doing the background screening process, you want to use an accredited or reputable process. You don’t want to get sued for wrongful termination because you don’t have professional or accredited background check documents. Many businesses contract with an outside company to perform background checks.

You may want to contract with a third party to perform a background check. When you do, it’s important to determine what type of screenings they perform. There are background screenings with the typical questions one expects.

Accredited background screening companies will find out all that you need to know. This information ranges from criminal history to previous employment problems.

Universal Background Screening

If you want to screen all the background information on your employees, it's known as a universal background screening. That's why it's essential to understand and perform background screenings regularly. Banks, transportation companies, landlords, shipping companies, and more perform background checks.

Yet, they may not know how important the universal background screening is and when you need to time and schedule them. Once a year, background screening is enough. The exception to this rule is with companies that have very high-risk employees. A very high-risk employee may be a bank's money launderer.

They have to have background screening done more regularly. Regardless of high-risk employees or not, background screenings must follow Federal and state laws.

Background Screening Companies

Many times employers perform their own employee background screening. In other circumstances, employers want to ensure they have the best background screening. When a third party is performing it, you want to research them before hiring them.

The problem is some of these third-party companies don't provide quality background screenings. These third-party companies don't provide quality because they don't hire experts in the field. You want to hire a universal background screening company that uses experts in the field of criminal record checks.

Use Accredited Third-Party Background Screening Companies

You want to use accredited third-party screening companies. These companies should be able to show you that accreditation when you ask them. Most companies hiring third-party background checks need more than the basic level.

That’s because everyone they hire becomes part of the company's reputation. This has never been more true than it is now as we live in a social media world.

Background Screening Near Me 

Any US company doing background screening is regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You must follow all FCRA guidelines, which provide an outline of how to check accreditation. You can search for a background screening company near me that has a license.

FCRA accreditation companies are subject to constant monitoring. The constant monitoring ensures they abide by regulations and stay properly licensed. When you're looking for a background screening near you, make sure you check with your state too.

You also want to consider how often employees must complete background screenings.

Background Screening Statutes Change State-To-State

The statutes and rules change from state to state. The rule of thumb is you need to do a complete background screening within 2-3 days for new employees when hiring.  There are times you can extend the timeframe for a good cause.

The usual background check period is one year for any employee. If it's an existing employee, it's three years. After three years, any employer can choose to keep reviewing an employee's background as needed.  

Small Business Background Screening 

Often small businesses need background screening to manage risk in hiring. Other times small businesses want to determine a candidate's credit rating or check business dealings. Every small business runs the gamut of needs from fraud protection to identity protection. 

They need background screening companies that specialize in small businesses. Small businesses need cost-effective prices. Using background screening in your company is so very important.

There's no way to reverse a bad hiring decision if you didn't run a background screening check.

Small Businesses Reputation Depend in Part on Background Screenings 

Small businesses, usually more than large corporations, need to determine a job candidate's history. This includes a candidate’s criminal, financial, and employment history. Small companies want to know as much as possible about a candidate.

That's because small companies need the best employees to help develop their business. Background screening should be a part of your next hire, no matter whom you hire. Plus, you must follow federal and state laws surrounding criminal history checks.

The information you gain from a background check is crucial in your hiring process.

Your Next Hire 

It’s also vital for your business's successful future. When you do universal background screenings, you help keep all your employees safe. You also keep your employees in a productive work environment.

It's not just important to employee safety, but background screening is good business sense. What's more, it follows federal and state laws which are in place to protect you and your employees. Reach out to MicroBilt the next time you need background screening.

Microbilt ensures that background checks and screenings are easy and quick. They are also cost-efficient and provide you with thorough backgrounds on employees who deliver. How much more do you want than the best employees that provide stellar results?