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The economy and unemployment rate versus debt collection and short term financing

Jan 13, 2012 Mike Garretson

Economic and unemployment rate projections in the United States are  often good indicators of the climates of the debt collection and short-term financing industries. Short-term financial industries have played an important role in the fiscal stability of many American families and individuals. For people currently unable to pay their monthly bills in a timely fashion due to lack of funds, a short term lender or short-term financial agency can offer quick cash to help pay for vital necessities such as groceries, electric and gas bills and other utilities. According to a number of economists surveyed by The Associated Press, while the U.S. economy is expected to grow during 2012, there won't be significant job growth, likely leaving millions of Americans still without a job struggling to make ends meet. Whether an individual is unemployed or has good or bad credit, they can generally find a safe short-term financing solution through an accredited agency. The problem is, these credit agencies depend on debt collectors who are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain debts for debtors. The recent plunge in the unemployment rate was a step in the right direction, but there are still millions of Americans without a job and the rate is nearly 5 percent higher than its nadir in 2000, when it stood at 3.8 percent. While a short-term financial agency should try to target those with good credit - as they are more likely to pay their debts more consistently - the poorly credited individual cannot be avoided. In fact, an individual with bad credit and a job may be more reliable than one that's unemployed with good credit. A consumer that gets a paycheck every month has no reason to claim they can't pay some of their debts back. Debt collectors and short term lenders alike should target those with reputable work histories. If a debtor refuses to comply, take legal action and request their presence in court. However, if a debtor has recently lost their job, patience on the part of the collector should be shown.