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Tenant screening service offered at discount for Ohio landlords

Aug 24, 2011 Matt Roesly

Landlords in Lakewood, Ohio, can conduct background checks on potential tenants at a discount thanks to the city's partnership with a screening service, according to the city's website. Although the technology is designed for landlords of small properties, it leverages the same software used by larger real estate investment companies and property managers. "Finding good tenants is more challenging than ever," said Mayor Mike Summers. "Screening services … dramatically increase the odds of success." The software contains a large database of landlord-tenant and criminal records, and landlords who use the service will be complying with one of the state's three housing license requirements that went into effect in May. According to the Sun News, landlords who own property in Lakewood are eligible for a discount available via packages offered by the screening company. Discounts can be obtained by emailing mayoral assistant Michael Bowen with one's name and the street address of the rental property. Following the request, landlords can create an account on the screening company's website and determine which package is optimal for effective checks.