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Tenant screening saves time and money

Aug 03, 2011 Matt Roesly

The process of choosing a residence involves more than simply finding a pleasant location. Often the experience of home living relies how involved the landlord is with maintaining the complex. It's tough to gauge a tenant's dedication after meeting him or her only a couple times, but there are organizations that aid in the search of worthy tenants. National Tenant Network is the country's oldest residential screening company offering an overview of tenant history and efficiency. Their mission is to aid their clients in making the most informed leasing decisions possible, according to the organization's website. By requesting the services of NTN, a customer can be assured the tenant he or she chooses is approved by a nationally recognized and reputable company. President of Rentec Direct, an organization that provides software to enhance the efficiency of property management, told the San Fransisco Chronicle, "We pay close attention to our client's needs and utility billing integration was one feature that saves managers the most time and therefore it made sense for us to prioritize it." With the Personal Real Estate Investor stating that $12 billion per year is lost on rental revenue, companies like NTN and Rentec Direct can guide property owners in the right direction.