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Tenant background screening has tangible results

Mar 04, 2011 Matt Roesly

The rate at which individuals and families rent property is not going to slow down any time soon, which is heightening the need for landlords and property managers to increase their rates of background screening. Such a measure will ensure the security of one's property and prevent any security threats stemming from an unsavory tenant. Perhaps the most important way to enact tenant background screening is to establish a safe environment within the property and among other tenants in a complex or community. The quickest way to damage one's reputation as a landlord or property management company is by renting to tenants with questionable backgrounds that could lead to criminal activity. Additionally, tenant background screening will provide information regarding one's renting history and may determine if the renter will maintain proper upkeep of the property. Renting to someone with a poor rental history may lead to the added cost of unit repairs. Mandating background checks for tenants is a simple process that not only gives landlords peace of mind, but will establish a safe and well-operated leasing business. While there are front-end costs to screening, the price is well worth preventing against property damage or crime.