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Technology Changing the Skip Tracing Game

Dec 17, 2019 MicroBilt News

Technology Changing the Skip Tracing Game

Skip tracing has been made more difficult in recent years by a public that has largely left landline phones behind. This makes it infinitely more difficult for skip tracers to track them by old phone numbers and requires new methods to locate phone numbers, addresses, etc. of people who do not necessarily want to be found.

Mobile phones, text messaging, and social media have created new challenges for those in the skip trace industry to overcome. However, a new technology that speeds up the data mining process allows skip tracing to occur faster, deliver more relevant information, and provide results.

MicroBilt offers a variety of products to aid in the skip tracing process so that businesses can go about their debt collection processes quickly and efficiently in an increasingly digital age. Software products that assist in these efforts include:

  • SuperPhone. A software tool that delivers complete control over search parameters to clients seeking phone numbers, addresses, business names, and individuals.
  • Enhanced People Search. Provides the ability to locate individuals, identity details, and contact information for those individuals.
  • People Search. Less robust tracking tool than enhanced people search, but effective for locating current addresses, address history, aliases, and their phone numbers.
  • Address Search. Advanced tool for the skip tracing process that offers flexible user options for information requests.
  • Trace Detail. Identifies the current address, neighbors, and individuals residing at the same location.

MicroBilt understands the challenges that technology presents for people seeking to engage in skip tracing activities. However, we also offer technology to help you overcome those challenges at the same time.

MicroBilt is dedicated to helping businesses, including skip tracers and collection agencies, get more mileage from their skip tracing efforts with our robust offering of tools and software to help you get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of software and tools to help you in all your debt collection efforts.