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Study reveals prevalence of background screenings at retail locations

Oct 11, 2011 Matt Roesly

A recent study from the National Retailers Federation revealed that the vast majority of companies surveyed relied on background screenings to ensure that customers were not put in harm's way. The trade group released a survey of 96 of the top department stores in the country and found that 97 percent used some form of background screening when making hiring decisions. The findings also revealed that 85.7 percent of senior executives were given pre-employment background checks, while 55.2 percent of store associates went through the same process. The leadership at the NRF said that the tool was vital in making sure customers felt safe while in the store. “Background screenings help retailers ensure the safety of both shoppers and employees from the very beginning of the application process,” said NRF senior asset protection advisor Joe LaRocca. “Pre-employment screenings are one of the tools retailers use as a first line of defense, especially during the holiday season when companies many have hundreds – if not thousands – of applications to sift through.”