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Starbucks capitalizing on mobile payments

Aug 02, 2013 Dave King

As consumers begin to shift to alternative payments methods, many businesses are seeing benefits.

For example, mobile payments have made up 10 percent of all sales at Starbucks locations in the United States, according to Hot Hardware. The coffee giant uses a smartphone application that makes it easy for consumers to pay for food and beverages with a rechargeable gift card.

Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman said digital technology has had a big impact on business in the U.S., Inquisitr noted.

The chain restaurant is also boosting its mobile friendliness by installing wireless charging mats at locations. This technology allows customers to charge their smartphones without any wires if their device supports the Power Mater Alliance standard.

Providing consumers a place to charge their phones isn't the only reason Starbucks installed these stations. The store also hopes that they get customers to use their smartphones in the stores, which might spur more mobile payments.

With Americans shifting more strongly toward alternative methods of payment, it would be wise for retailers to follow Starbucks' lead so they don't fall behind the competition.