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Special circumstances allow teacher to elude background check

Oct 31, 2011 Matt Roesly

A school teacher who was wanted in Tennessee for distributing prescription painkillers didn't turn up any red flags on a background check for a teaching job in Hernando County, Florida, because of a judge's order, WTVT-TV reports. Officials at Central High School in Brooksville gave Diana Young a Level 2 background screening - one which included a state and FBI check - prior to her employment in August. Young passed without any issues. However, officials became suspicious after Young was reluctant to obtain a Florida driver's license. Following an anonymous tip, they became aware of her drug charges and wanted status. "For some reason, it was not placed on the list that would have been picked up by the FBI or any of these services that look for offenses," school superintendent Bryan Blavatt told the news source. Blavatt would later find out that Young's case was part of what Sevier County, Tennessee, sheriff's captain Michael Hodges called "a special investigation." Under a judge's orders, her indictment was sealed and her criminal past couldn't be released. The warrant was issued for Young, who taught ESE at Central, following a failure to appear in court for selling buprenorphine - a drug commonly used to treat heroin addiction, Hernando Today reports.