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Should the government enhance internal background screening standards?

Nov 16, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Should the government enhance internal background screening standards?

The background screening process has become far more complex in the past several years, largely because of the proliferation of new technology and evolving regulations presiding over several industries. Child and elder care organizations have been under the most scrutinizing lens, as background checks need to be more thorough to protect these individuals.

The Washington Free Beacon recently reported that childcare employees who are funded by the federal government do not have to go through the rigid background screening procedures found in many states across the nation. Private businesses that fall into the childcare sector are highly regulated in the screening procedures, especially when it comes to criminal histories.

Many states have worked to tighten the grip on this industry because of countless instances in which convicted sex offenders still landed jobs working with children. According to the news provider, a new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General revealed that 35 states are not conducting thorough background checks of government-funded childcare employees.

If these organizations were not funded by the public sector, it would likely spell disaster as enforcement officials would impose sanctions and fines. The source explained that most states are conducting background checks on each employee that will work in childcare, but that the vast majority are not looking into the Federal Bureau of Investigation's databases as they should.

Businesses can easily make costly errors when going through the background screening process, including missing key information that would indicate an applicant is not eligible. Additionally, all background check procedures must be aligned with the rules and regulations of states and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Many decision-makers benefit from outsourcing background screening responsibilities to third-party service providers that specialize in these procedures.