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Short term lending conference set for October

May 10, 2013 Simon Williams

Many leaders in their industries constantly look for new information, strategies, technologies and other helpful hints that can allow them to advance their position. Additionally, when sector events are held, it can be a good opportunity for networking and lets administrators share ideas.

This can be particularly important in industries in which there is a constant stream of change, as well as those that greatly affect consumers on a personal level. The financial sector is a great example. Heads of companies are constantly meeting to discuss industry-wide news and consider new plans and packages that might make a difference in the lives of consumers.

This is also true where alternative lenders are concerned - offbeat lenders, credit bureaus and other businesses that offer things big banks and financial corporations don't are increasingly being sought out. As such, to make sure they're always servicing consumers whenever possible and are making up for the elements bigger companies lack, a number of these leaders are holding industry events.

Short term lending conference
For example, alternative lenders like to meet to discuss things like applications, alternative credit ranking like Payment Reporting Builds Credit, regulations that apply to their businesses and other factors. The next major forum of this nature in the United Kingdom will occur in October, according to Financial Reporter.

The news source reported that on Oct. 10, London's Butchers' Hall will host members of the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) and all in the industry as part of the "Bridging Finance - Today and Tomorrow" conference. Numerous experts will be there, including a judge, heads of financial affairs and broker representatives, among many others.

"The conference will look at the size and complexity of the market, its potential for growth and the factors that are likely to impact it both in the short term and over the long term," ASTL chief executive Benson Hersch noted, according to the Financial Reporter.

Follows important credit summit
This announcement comes on the heels of the recent Credit Summit, which took place March 13 at the QEII Conference Centre in London. According to Credit Today, U.K. industry leaders were also present at that event, which was held in an effort to inform administrators about the recent regulatory transition from the Office of Fair Trading to the Financial Conduct Authority, a move that affects many in the nation.

Moreover, the news source noted, the meeting covered many similar topics expected at the upcoming summit, like risk areas, details involving loan applications and many other factors.