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Shoddy background check puts criminal in close proximity of teens

Sep 03, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Business owners always have a variety of responsibilities to ensure the success of their firms, and it is dangerous to leave any loose ends. This is especially true when staffing a firm, as hiring the wrong personnel because of poor background check practices often loses companies a lot of money and reputability within the community. Indiana's NewsCenter recently reported that a man who is classified as a "sexually violent predator" was somehow employed at a teen cafe in Angola, Indiana. The man is in jail again, while the community has expressed its outrage that such a threat to young teenagers' well-being could be employed at a cafe that services the demographic. Further, the news provider explained that no one was aware of his criminal history except for management at the Cahoots Coffee Cafe, which he worked at for four years. Even the managers weren't aware of what type of criminal history the man had, while they told the source that he never would have been hired had they known. This illustrates the importance of strong background checking practices, as many issues can slip through the cracks and put individuals at risk. While this example is extreme, even smaller issues in the screening process can lose businesses clients and revenues.