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Services catering to the underbanked account for $78 billion

Dec 03, 2012 Sean Albert

Negative consumer credit data isn't preventing unbanked and underbanked individuals from borrowing credit, it just seems that more and more Americans are turning to alternative lenders for short term financing options. The Center for Financial Services Innovation estimates that industries catering to clients who are not secured for lines of credit with large financial institutions may serve 68 million individuals across the United States, with total earnings adding up to a $78 billion industry in the 2012 financial year. This data bodes well for short term lenders and creditors who are willing to take on clients considered "too risky" by some financial entities. Opportunities may increase for creditors who are willing to consider a fuller credit picture by supplementing traditional scores with other methods of proving financial reliability. These numbers have increased 7percent since 2010, which shows secure growth opportunities within the industry. For lenders, the ultimate problem may not be negative trends in the industry but how to reflect a reliable branding strategy and reach this huge population of financially underserved people. Companies who can do this successfully may see positive growth in annual revenue.